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The Mutate: Data Converter allows developers (and regular humans) to convert popular data formats such as JSON, XML and YAML to each other, as well as from INI and CSV formats and to PHP serialized data and straight PHP code. Based on the popular , the Mutate: Data Converter makes use of a number of wonderful packages behind the scenes; these include the League of Extraordinary Packages's CSV and Symfony's Yaml.

Data Conversions

Converting data can be a challenge. This is especially so when the incoming data and its format and validity are complete mystery and the desired output may or not be completely compatible.

Although many of the formats are similar and have comparable capabilities, some of them are more unique. For instance, XML can have attributes, CDATA and namespaces, while it does not have indexed arrays. Despite this, the Mutate: Data Converter tries its best to finesse the incoming data to produce the most logical output but it may not be the perfect result for everyone all the time.

To that end, the job of this site is to convert the data for machines and although the resulting output is formatted enough to be readable by humans, its exact format may not be your cup of tea.

The current potential data conversions:

  • CSV to PHP Code
  • CSV to PHP Serialized
  • CSV to JSON
  • CSV to XML
  • CSV to YAML
  • INI to PHP Code
  • INI to PHP Serialized
  • INI to JSON
  • INI to XML
  • INI to YAML
  • JSON to PHP Code
  • JSON to PHP Serialized
  • JSON to XML
  • JSON to YAML
  • XML to PHP Code
  • XML to PHP Serialized
  • XML to JSON
  • XML to YAML
  • YAML to PHP Code
  • YAML to PHP Serialized
  • YAML to JSON
  • YAML to XML


August 2020

  • Fixed autofocus.
  • Fixed a fullscreen bug.

February 2020

  • Added drag and drop, and browse, local file loading.
  • Updated frontend.
  • Fixed a Safari error. Alexander

July 2019

  • Fixed an issue processing external URLs.

December 2018

  • Updated external libraries.

August 2015

  • Initial release of the Mutate: Data Converter.


Over the years Curious Concept tools have been immensely improved through the feedback and suggestions of their users. We encourage you to continue to pass along any new recommendations, requests or bug reports.